When launching a product in a new market, it is vital to adapt it to that specific location.

Localization offers you more than a translation of the text elements, which is still a key part of the process, but also an adaptation of aspects such as colors, icons, graphics, design or layout to the culture of your target markets. The aim is precisely to make sure that, after the localization, the product is appealing and it looks like it was created specifically for that target market, despite its language, cultural preferences or geographical location.

Localizing a product brings many benefits to a business, such as access to an international customer base, higher engagement levels with a strong customer loyalty and increased visibility.

Of course, many products can be localized, and our offer includes:


An online store that provides product descriptions or information, converted sizes or measuring units, payment methods etc. in other languages, will be more likely to sell also to international customers. This is because, for example, internet users prefer their local currency when shopping online. Another important aspect is customer service, which should be available in as many languages as possible.


People use Apps for everything you can think of in their everyday life, so you want your app to be as appealing and easy to use for everyone around the world. By localizing your App you will also ensure at the same time a substantial growth, because the App Store is available in 40 languages and 175 different countries, so you will be able to reach a global audience.


A website represents your business card. Localizing it is the most effective way to expand your business because it enables you to reach more potential clients worldwide and increase your customer base.

When using online services, people want to be able to understand immediately what they are reading, so our localization permits to facilitate users’ experience and it will also help make the Internet a more welcoming place!

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