Stay Connected Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this challenging time, communication and staying together are of utmost importance. The sense of isolation, being locked away from everything and everyone can be extremely terrifying. Most especially when there is still a lot of information left in the dark which makes the whole situation even more petrifying, as lack of knowledge can be scary than what is already out in the open. 

Hence, is the reason behind communication and togetherness being the most crucial things in times like these.  In order for any business in any industry to push through this crisis, open communication, finding a way to continue the usual processes should be a priority. This can be done by looking for alternatives, for instance, remote meetings, new ways of reaching employees, partners, and clients despite any factors such as location and language.

In concrete terms, website and e-commerce localization can help companies operating worldwide in achieving higher sales in target markets. In fact, a Common Sense Advisory research shows that 72.4% of internet users are more likely to buy products that are advertised in their mother language.

Langpros can also enable seamless communication among international team members and potential clients by offering interpreters for your e-meetings, Skype calls, and webinars.

Ultimately, our specialized translators can help pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies engaged in the struggle against COVID-19 with an accurate and consistent translation of research papers, surveys, or leaflets.

This page is dedicated to providing every professional, organization, and individuals with the necessary information and updates with regards to language solutions to the current challenge the world is facing.


medical translaion


  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology translations
  • Translations for Medical Devices Companies
  • Translations for Clinical Research Organizations
  • Translation of hospital documents, forms, or brochures
  • Translation of health and safety guidelines



  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting for ONLINE Events

(Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars)

Compatible with most communication platforms


  • Audio and Video Remote Interpreting
  • SmartLangPro App Available for PC, smartphone, and tablet


  • Website Localization
  • Marketing Translation
  • Subtitles and Voiceover of E-learning modules
  • E-commerce localization for foreign markets
  • Copywriting for digital marketing and social media