Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Thanks to our international network of Translators and Interpreters we are able to provide the best interpreters for any type of event: meetings, international conferences, exhibitions etc. in the Middle East and beyond.

Our services are designed to cover conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars and various types of negotiations. We can also provide interpreters for organizations such as the police, the courts, immigration, healthcare providers and social services.

The most common interpreting modes requested are:

Liaison Interpreting

This form of interpreting, which does not require any equipment, is typically carried out once a short speech has been completed sentence by sentence. The interpreter will be working next to the speaker. Liaison is particularly suitable for business meetings and negotiations. Read more…

Consecutive Interpreting

In this case the interpreter speaking when the source language speaker has completed a segment of their talk lasting for a few minutes. It is usual for the interpreter to stand or sit beside the speaker, listening and taking notes of what is being said as the speech progresses. As soon as the speaker stops or completes his or her speech the interpreter proceeds to relate the translated speech to the audience. Read more…

Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter works, together with a colleague, in a soundproof booth and wears headphones in order to hear the speaker as clearly as possible. He or she speaks the oral translation into a microphone, which feeds directly to the audience through a wireless headphone system. Read more…
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