Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is an extension of US-based Cleveland Clinic’s model of care, specifically designed to address a range of complex and critical care requirements unique to the residents and communities of the United Arab Emirates.

Cleveland Clinic chose Langpros for its complex language requirements.

What the Client Was Looking for:

  • in-house translators: a dedicated translator with proven experience specializing in Gulf Arabic translation and localization, working full time for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.
  • fully managed solutions for any communication needs: medical, legal and all other complex translation projects managed by the best professionals in any language.
  • qualified interpreters: highly qualified interpreters for events and meetings
  • remote interpreting: 24/7 access to online interpreters with video and audio feed


  • 63% of errors in medical interpreting have potential clinical consequences.
  • Omission is the most frequent mistake made by improvised mediators (bilingual hospital staff or patients’ relatives)

Our solutions:

  • 100% accurate medical translations in any language.
  • SmartLangPro: online audio and video remote interpreting for scheduled meetings or on-demand. Get connected with human interpreters in any language within 30 seconds.
  • Remote Interpreting: a professional interpreter is available on demand, whenever the need arises, in just a few clicks.


  • reduced length of stay -> 1.5 fewer days spent in the hospital when an interpreter is provided and lower chances of re-admission within 30 days.
  • increased patient satisfaction -> patients who are assigned an interpreter are four times more likely to report satisfaction with their visit than patients who were not assigned one.
  • reduced costs -> shorter stays in the emergency room and lower test charges.