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Langpros Language Services

We are a translation company offering professional translation, interpreting and localization services from Doha to Al Khawr, available 24/7.

Our team is made up of highly qualified LSPs who are experts in any language and in any field (business, legal, medical, commercial, and more).

Langpros Translation Services in Qatar

Qatar has become an enticing market for companies worldwide thanks to its strong, high-income economy, based on oil and exports.

Would you like to expand your business in Qatar? If you need translations of legal or corporate documents, we will be there to meet your needs!

We provide first-class translation services for Qatar companies from Arabic into English, from English into Arabic, and any other language pair. Not only we guarantee a fast turnaround, but also 100% accuracy, thanks to a network of creative translators who are native speakers of the target language of each translation.

For any question on our types of translations or to request a free quote, please call our office at +971 4 3434753 or send us an email to [email protected]

Langpros Interpreting Services in Qatar

Are you looking for a professional interpreter with strong technical know-how for your event in Qatar? Just give us a call! We will carefully analyze your specific needs in order to provide interpreting services able to reach the highest quality standards.

The distinguishing features of our interpreting services are:

  • highly qualified interpreters specialized in cross-cultural events;
  • competitive prices;
  • outstanding quality;
  • a friendly and English-speaking customer service;
  • fast, electronic quotes and reservations.

We provide either in person or remote interpreting services, available anywhere, anytime and for any event (large international conferences, business meetings, legal depositions and examinations, trade shows, and VIP delegations). Our purpose is to make sure that your event in Qatar is a complete success.

For any question or to request a free quote, please call our office at +971 4 3434753 or send us an email to [email protected]

Langpros Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Services in Qatar

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) is the best solution for simultaneous language interpretation at conferences and meetings around the globe. Powered by a cloud-based platform, RSI achieves simultaneous interpretation excellence at your event significantly reducing costs

The only difference with traditional simultaneous interpreting is that interpreters do not physically attend your event in Qatar but they work from a different location in the Gulf or elsewhere.

This is possible through a specific interface that allows them to see and hear the event exactly as if they were at the venue, while translation is conveyed to the audience in real time through traditional headsets or smartphone/tablet applications.

The most qualified interpreters worldwide leverage the power of technology to provide remote interpretation to your audience in Qatar, with no need of heavy interpreting equipment or travel and accommodation expenses.

Reducing equipment and logistics costs, simplifying the organization of your event and, at the same time, ensuring the highest interpreting quality standards, remote simultaneous interpreting is ideal for events of any size and duration, including traditional conferences, small business meetings, lectures, workshops, discussion panels, webinars, and focus groups.

For any question or to request a free quote, please call our office at +971 4 3434753 or send us an email to [email protected]

Langpros Copywriting and Transcreation Services in Qatar

Whether you are seeking to find your place in the Gulf markets or aiming to further expand your business in Qatar or elsewhere around the globe, it’s time to put your international marketing and advertising campaigns in our copywriters’ hands.

We deliver effective and creative writing solutions in Arabic, English and more than 100 foreign languages. Having worked with words on a daily basis for years, we definitely know how to identify the ones that fit in different contexts, especially when it comes to cross-cultural communication.

We carefully select the most suitable copywriter for your project, on the basis of his or her qualifications and experience. Our aim is to give voice to your ideas, making them sound appealing in any language. In order to do so, we adapt our writing style for your brand identity, your communication needs, and your target audience.

Our clients range from national and international PR agencies to marketing and advertising agencies, from publishers to digital marketers, and many more.

We have extensive expertise in the copywriting and transcreation of different types of texts:

  • web contents;
  • advertising materials and commercials;
  • taglines and slogans;
  • social media contents;
  • press releases;
  • emails;
  • presentations;
  • brochures and flyers;
  • promotional campaigns;
  • videos and subtitles.

For any question or to request a free quote, please call our office at +971 4 3434753 or send us an email to [email protected]