Professionals Farsi/Persian Interpreters

Thanks to our international network of Farsi / Persian linguists, we can provide tailored solutions for your conferences, meetings, workshops etc. We have professional Farsi Interpreters and Language Mediators who can assist you while dealing with your clients or partners from Iran. It is always advisable to opt for a professional interpreter or language mediator, whose qualifications and experience will guarantee the success of your event.

The Language Professionals can offer professional certified interpreters for simultaneous interpreting as well as language mediators for B2B meetings and exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the entire GCC region.
For Farsi / Persian simultaneous interpreting we can also provide the complete professional conference interpreting system (BOSCH equipment, which includes receivers, booth, headsets etc.) or the tour guide system (transmitter + receivers and headsets) for smaller events and meetings.

Dari Translators and Interpreters

Dari is a variety of the Farsi language spoken in Afghanistan. It is recognized as the official language of this country. In many western sources it is called Afghan Persian.
For conferences and workshops where DARI is required, we can provide interpreting and translation solutions involving Dari interpreters from Afghanistan as well as Farsi interpreters from the UAE, depending on the client’s specific requirement, budget and availability. We also have certified Dari translators and interpreters in Europe and North America.
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