Legalization of documents for use in Iran

Documents issued in the United Arab Emirates which are intended for use in Iran, must be submitted to the Iranian Consulate in Dubai or Iranian Embassy in Abu Dhabi after being stamped and attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (MOFA).
Documents can be translated into Farsi / Persian by one of our certified translators after submitting them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
They can also be attested by the Ministry of Justice, if required by the destination in Iran. In this case it will be mandatory for have a second attestation on the Farsi translation.
Alternatively, it is possible to provide a certified translation which can later be attested in Iran by a legal translator of that country.
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Legalization of documents for use in the UAE

Documents issued by Iranian authorities for use in the UAE must be ultimately be attested by the UAE Embassy in Iran before they could be stamped by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Only after this step, they can be translated from Farsi into English or Arabic.
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