Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


What is RSI?

During any multilingual event such as conferences, workshops, and business meetings, simultaneous interpreters provide real-time translations of what is being said while the speaker keeps talking.

Simultaneous interpreters usually attend the event working from soundproof booths at the venue, while the audience listens to the translation using headsets.

Simultaneous interpreting is very effective, but it can be costly if interpreters are not available on-site and need to be flown from abroad. It can also be hard to set up if there is limited space for translation booths and all the required equipment.

Remote simultaneous interpretation is a possible way to overcome such limitations and further the potentialities of simultaneous interpretation thanks to cloud technology.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation consists in connecting speakers at conferences or meetings with their multilingual audience via translations provided by simultaneous interpreters working from remote locations.

As an example, the conference might be held in Dubai while, at the same time, native qualified professional interpreters Japanese-English are providing real time simultaneous interpreting from their working station in Tokyo, with no need to fly to the UAE just to attend the event.

How does it work?

Before the event, specialized technicians set up the speakers’ audio and video outputs. The audio and video stream are transmitted to interpreters working from their office or a designated translation center in their own country and the translation is provided to the audience in real time without any delay. It is possible to set up the streaming for several languages at the same time.

The simultaneous interpretation is streamed to the audience through a web application that can be installed on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Attendees can also follow the event from remote through the application. If preferred, traditional conference headsets can also be used.

Our expert event managers will be available throughout the duration of the event, monitoring the quality of the interpreting and facing any possible issue. Moreover, our specialized technicians will take care of the setup and cleanup of technical equipment and will be available on-site during the event.


1. RSI can be employed for events of any size and duration.

Remote simultaneous interpretation is the perfect solution for a vast array of events, such as:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Board and executive committee meetings
  • Panel discussions
  • Press conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Guided tours

2. RSI is perfect when you need to translate rare languages with a limited offer of on-site interpreters

This interpretation mode allows to interpret in multiple foreign languages with ease, allowing to choose interpreters on a global scale to guarantee top-tier quality, even for rare languages.

3. RSI reduces costs

Remote simultaneous interpretation also cuts the costs of the event, eliminating the cost of travel and accommodation for interpreters and those for the installation of on-site soundproof booths and heavy conference equipment.

4. RSI allows you to select the best interpreters worldwide

When selecting interpreters for your event, you will have the opportunity to select the best professional linguists for any language without limitations. This also allows to select specialized interpreters according to the subject of the event.

5. RSI requires minimum equipment installation

RSI can be set up at short notice and in every location, without needing interpreter booths and wireless headsets.


Our remote simultaneous interpreting services are carried out in compliance with the best network security policies:

  • All streams are encrypted;
  • The software operates on dedicated servers;
  • Each event is streamed on a separate cloud-based session;
  • The contents of the event are not recorded, unless otherwise requested;
  • All our interpreters and staff are required to sign NDAs to guarantee confidentiality.