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Do you work with multicultural businesses and organizations that often require responsive language services with short to no notice?

Langpros is proud to introduce the ideal solution for your interpreting needs: the SmartLangPro app. This application, available for PC, smartphone, and tablet, offers remote interpreting services available 24/7 and anywhere.

This user-friendly service is enabled by a growing network of language professionals working from all over the world in over 200 languages.

SmartLangPro is the perfect solution for hospitals, courts, hotels, airports, government offices, and other organizations dealing daily with linguistic barriers. Our services will enable your business meetings, medical examinations, court hearings, and much more.

The App gives access to three services:

  • Pre-book online audio and video remote interpreting;
  • On-demand audio and video remote interpreting;
  • On-site interpreting.

Pre-book Online Audio and Video Remote Interpreting

This is the best option when dealing with rare languages, specialized jargon, or other peculiar situations.

Choose the date from the app, your language combination, and the type of service you need. Our project managers will receive your request and choose the best linguist for your needs.

On the day of the event the interpreter will contact you via app, and then interpret via video or audio stream, according to your preferences.

On-demand Audio and Video Remote Interpreting

During emergencies or when pre-booking is not possible, our on-demand remote interpreting services enable multilingual dialogue on the spot.

This mode is perfect for unexpected language needs and unforeseen situations, when on-site interpreters are not available.

On-site Interpreting

Book and schedule easily the assistance of our on-site interpreters for your meeting or event. This is the best choice when the physical presence of interpreters is required, such as longer meetings or multiday conferences.


The Benefits of SmartLangPro

  • Cost Reduction

SmartLangPro provides high-quality services at affordable rates, thanks to the efficiency of its system. Remote interpreting saves on the interpreter’s travel and accommodation costs, as well as on the installation of specialized equipment by on-site technicians.

  • Customer Satisfaction

The user-friendly interface and the immediacy of the service will help you find the best interpreter for your needs in any language combination.

Our rating system guarantees your satisfactions, and our project managers are available to liaise with you for any specific request.

  • Quality and Efficiency

We only work with trained professional interpreters, carefully selected by our project managers according to their field of specialization.

SmartLangPro lets you communicate with project managers, invite other members of your team, upload documents and manage invoices, while our seamless workflow provides language services without delays.

  • Confidentiality

All of our linguists are required to sign a Non-disclosure agreement, and every document you entrust us with is handled with the greatest care.

The App is compliant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), supports Data Sovereignty and is GDRP ready.

Download SmartLangPro brochure