Legalization of Vaccination Certificates into Italian & Other Languages

As the number of people who get access to a vaccine becomes larger and larger, many countries are starting to require a vaccination certificate to be issued in their official language before departure.

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Things you have to know about Covid-19 medical report translations

With the spread of new Covid-19 variants, various countries around the world are undertaking more and more meticulous controls of passengers who arrive from abroad. Among the required procedures, before departure, passengers are required to submit a medical report, which certifies a negative swab test. At the same time, some European and extra European countries require that the medical report of a negative swab test be issued and translated in the language of the country, in which the person concerned must travel. So, let’s find out what currently are the countries that have introduced this rule for those people who travel in this period.

When is the translation of the Covid-19 swab test’s medical report needed?

The translation of the Covid-19 swab test’s negative outcome is needed when someone must go abroad. Upon arrival at the airport, the authorities of many countries could require the certified translation of the Covid-19 swab test’s medical report.

It is important to check what documents are required with local authorities before your departures, as covid-related regulations evolve quickly.

For example, as regards to travel in Spain, the Spanish government asks for negative medical reports to be translated into Spanish, English, French, or German. If your medical report has been written into another language, such as Italian, the original needs to be attached with its official translation. The same thing happens in Germany, where the negative swab test must be translated both into German and into English in order to enter the frontier. Citizens who have to fly to Russia, at the departure need to be equipped with a medical report negative to Covid-19, translated into Russian or English.

If we look at the Gulf States, both Oman and United Arab Emirates require a translated medical report that certifies the negativity to Covid-19. Whoever arrives at Dubai Airport must have health insurance, a medical certificate written in Arabic or English with a negative swab test result issued within 96 hours before departure of the flight to UAE. In Oman, it’s important to have a medical report both in English and Arabic with a negative swab test result, taken 72 hours before arrival.

What do you need to do before leaving?

First of all, you need to check the situation out on the official sites of foreign countries. It’s constantly updated. Every country has different rules about the required procedures in order to cross its own national borders. Before leaving we certainly need to go to a specialized medical center to undertake a molecular or antigenic swab test. You must ensure that the destination country requires the translation of the result. If that it’s expected by the destination country or by the airline company, you must not forget to attach the certified translation of the document of the Covid-19 negative medical report.

If you are looking for certified translations in different languages about the Covid-19 swab test’s medical report, write to us at [email protected], our experts will be in touch to assist you with any language requirement!

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