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Seeking top-tier translation and interpreting services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? You’ve come to the right place. LangPros stands out in providing exceptional translation services alongside superior interpreting services, both tailored to your individual requirements.

Endorsed by the UAE Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our team of highly skilled and seasoned translators and interpreters ensure accurate and professional translations and interpretations across more than 100 languages.

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Dubai and Abu Dhabi Translation Services and Interpreting

Seeking top-notch translation services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Look no further. Whether it’s legal document translation, attestation, or multilingual website localization, our expertise is unrivaled. We provide certified translation and interpreting services designed specifically for corporate managers in various sectors: law firms, manufacturing, hospitals, clinics, marketing, and advertising agencies.

Law firms, manufacturing entities, healthcare institutions, marketing agencies, and countless individuals trust our translation services to offer them the linguistic edge they need in the global market.

LangPros, a leading translation services provider, is headquartered in Dubai. While we primarily serve Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our reach extends to the broader United Arab Emirates and even internationally. Our esteemed clientele encompasses some of the Gulf’s most renowned companies and organizations and extends to global entities.

Join the ranks of these satisfied customers by leveraging our unmatched translation services, including live and remote interpreting, localization, and copywriting. To learn more or request a free quote, call us at +971 4 343 4753 or email [email protected].

Dive into our extensive suite of language solutions, both on-site and remote. Our translation services encompass:

  • Legal Translations: Ensure precise and certified translations of your legal documents.
  • Financial Translations: Communicate financial information accurately across languages.
  • Marketing Translations: Localize your marketing materials to reach diverse markets.
  • Technical Translations: Comprehensive translation services for intricate technical documents.
  • Website Localization: Expand your reach with localized websites in different languages.
  • Simultaneous Interpreting: Facilitate seamless communication at conferences and events.
  • Multilingual Copywriting: Create compelling content for international audiences.

Some of our clients

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We can provide any type of interpreting services for meetings, international conferences and events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and beyond thanks to our experienced and qualified team of professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.

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We aim to provide the best translation services in the UAE and pride ourselves on working with highly skilled and experienced translators and linguists. Each member of our translation bureau specialises in specific fields and is dedicated to producing an accurate, high quality and professional translation of the material you submit to us. All our work is guaranteed to represent a faithful translation of the original which will allow you to achieve all your communication goals.

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Being based in Dubai much of our work involves translating from Arabic to English and English to Arabic. However, in addition to Arabic, we are also able to translate into over 100 languages including: Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu.

Let Your Business Overcome Language Barriers


Our goal is to become the number one Language Solutions Provider across the Middle East and the GCC countries by using processes, people, and technology to focus on our clients’ needs and build trusting relationships, helping them communicate successfully across international markets and cultures.


We help companies go global by using our expertise to provide language services and assist our customers with seamless, customized language, localization, and consultancy solutions.

Areas of expertise

Our current client base covers an extremely wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. However, our key areas of expertise include, legal, financial, oil and gas, marketing and advertising, media, food and beverage, tourism and many more. We also have a team of translators who are experienced in sectors such as IT, engineering and medical.

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