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Saudi Arabia Translation and Interpreting Services

We are a leading translation company offering professional translation, interpreting and localization services in Saudi Arabia, from Riyadh to Jeddah, available 24/7.

At Langpros Translations we work side by side with you in order to provide top quality language services in line with your specific needs.

We are prepared to provide first-class interpreting services and professional translations in over 100 foreign languages for national and international clients in every field.

Whether you are a private citizen or a company, a medium-sized enterprise specialized in a specific segment or a multinational organization, our professionals have the expertise necessary to fully understand your requirements and tailor our translation and interpreting services to meet your needs.

From the translation of official documents to web localization, from interpreting in international conferences to daily business meetings, we are here to support you with all of your language needs.

Translation Services in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf Region

At Langpros we provide a variety of professional translation services to help companies and organizations succeed in the Saudi Arabian and the Gulf region markets.

The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic, but, as a result of a considerable increase in international investments in the local market, many other languages are spoken, for instance English, Chinese, Tagalog, German, French, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Italian.

We have extensive expertise in providing high-quality, professional translation services in many languages for a wide range of clients across various industries. We can translate either general or specialized texts with technical terminologies. We are able to manage any file format, including text documents, desktop publishing, subtitles, and web pages.

Whether your project is less than 100 words or over 10,000, we can provide you with a fast and accurate translation by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and have extensive experience in the field of interest. In particular, we offer different types of translations for documents such as:

  • contracts;
  • financial or bank reports;
  • employee handbooks;
  • procedures;
  • training materials and outlines;
  • brochures and catalogues;
  • marketing and advertising translations;
  • press releases and articles;
  • social media and blog contents;
  • technical manuals;
  • labels;
  • legal documents.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Services in Saudi Arabia

We are also specialized in providing interpreting services for any event in which there are two or more languages involved, such as:

  • conferences;
  • business meetings;
  • court sessions or proceedings;
  • diplomatic meetings;
  • seminars;
  • interviews;
  • medical consultations;
  • workshops;
  • small group discussions and presentations;
  • fairs and exhibitions.

We work with professionals who range from simultaneous and consecutive UN interpreters to language mediators and hostesses with years of experience. Depending on the topic of your event (whether it is scientific, technical, legal, medical or commercial), we will select an interpreter who has extensive expertise and skills in that particular field.

Apart from providing the most suitable interpreters, we can also supply interpretation equipment and facilities, from conference microphones and headsets to transmission systems and sound booths, as well as the support of our technicians.

Our team will provide you with advice on the best solution for your language needs to ensure that everything runs smoothly before and during your event. This will allow you to concentrate on achieving your business goals without having to worry about organizational issues.

To sum up, if you are looking for an interpretation agency to handle your academic, financial, legal, technical, medical or business needs, with Langpros you are in very good hands!

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Worldwide

At Langpros we offer an innovative solution for your interpreting needs. Thanks to our global network of linguists, our decentralized team of project managers and the most advanced interpreting technologies, we are able to supply Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) services for your event, anytime and anywhere.

RSI will give you the chance to make the best interpreters worldwide translate in real time in any language for your audience, with no need for them to be present at the venue of the event.

If finding suitable interpreters on the spot proves challenging, why not taking advantage of the remote solution? RSI is to be considered the best interpreting solution in terms of quality and price: it allows you to get the highest quality simultaneous interpreting services worldwide and at the same time it significantly reduces costs related to heavy equipment transport and installation and interpreters’ travel and accommodation expenses.

Copywriting and Localization Services for the Markets of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf

Langpros Translations provides comprehensive translation services for all the languages used in the Saudi Arabian market thanks to translators, localization specialists and copywriters who have considerable experience of the Saudi Arabian culture and marketplace, as well as of GCC markets.

As a language service provider we take our work very seriously. We aim not only to reproduce the meaning of the words but also to grab the underlying message of a source text in order to properly translate it into another language, guaranteeing that the translated text is as powerful and effective on the target audience as the source text on the source audience.

We have extensive expertise in the copywriting and transcreation of:

  • web contents;
  • advertising materials and commercials;
  • taglines and slogans;
  • social media contents;
  • press releases;
  • emails;
  • presentations;
  • brochures and flyers;
  • promotional campaigns;
  • videos and subtitles.

Our solutions are offered by professional translators who know all translation difficulties and how to solve them. Experience and cultural awareness play a great role in catering a message to multiple locales and cultures and they are crucial to avoid a poor translation, such as machine translation.