Advertising Translation / Transcreation

Transcreation vs Localization

Localization is the process of adapting the content of a business to a foreign audience addressing not just the language but also cultural components and other issues.

Transcreation is a more creative process that consists of focusing on the response a business aim for and trying to get that response in another culture and language which might have different sensitivity and expectations.

Both of these processes are crucial for advertising translation.

Advertising translation plays a huge role in a business’ advertising strategy, it enables the company to reach out to a vast audience of potential costumer around the world.

However, advertising translation is not as simple as it sounds. When translating advertising from one language to another, what we see are words, but it is actually only words we are transferring?

Advertising translation is one term that covers a lot of different tasks. Indeed, it includes not just the text but also visual and audio elements that need to be translated and localized in order to be suitable for the target audience.
Advertising consists of concepts and ideas, which may be relevant in one culture but not necessarily in others. As a matter of fact, advertisements are culturally defined, and the meanings and symbols present in advertising messages are embedded in the culture they originate.

It is for this reason that in advertising translation, there is a lot behind the words that need to be understood and transferred from one culture to another.

At Langrops, advertising translators are aware of the importance of a deep understanding of culture-specific aspects of both languages involved. We focus on the receiver and localise our target texts for the target audience and culture.

Not only: we ensure our advertising translations will be as persuasive as their source texts are, adding value to your international promotional campaigns. Translations will read as they were originally written in the reader’s own mother tongue, and give them the same experience as the source text gave to the readers of the source culture. In other words, we do not translate: we trans-create!

In order to reach excellent results, advertising translation need to be performed by expertise and skilled professionals who have a very high knowledge of the language and culture of the target audience and know how to be creative with the content they need to translate.

Our qualified and experienced transcreators are always selected for being mother tongue speakers of the target language, and they are also talented writers and copywriters: essential features when it comes to advertising translation.