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We offer English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation services for all sectors and all types of documents. We can also offer transcreation services into Arabic (Arabization) so that each translated text can meet the expectations of the target readers.

Our team of experienced and highly qualified Arabic translators and interpreters will help our clients to convey their message successfully in the Arab market. We can also translate from French into ArabicGerman into ArabicSpanish into Arabic etc.

Arab English Translator in Dubai

The Arabic Language

The modern day version of the Arabic language is derived from Classical Arabic and can be traced back to the sixth century AD. Today, this is the only form of the language to be recognised for use in official documents and verbally; for example in lectures and news media.

Both the literary and spoken versions are used in countries from Iran and Somalia in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, throughout North Africa to the Atlantic coast of Morocco and the Western Sahara.

However, as with most other modern languages, there are regional dialects and variations between one country and another. In fact variations can sometimes be so extreme that they might almost be considered entirely different languages. Despite this, for religious and political purposes at least, they are commonly treated as one.

When considered in this way Arabic is listed as being in the top five or six most widely used languages in the world, with around 422 million speakers. Originally based on Quranic Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic has become the accepted written form of the language.

It is currently used in educational establishments, the media, industry and commerce and in governmental offices. There are some 26 countries in which Literary Arabic, the liturgical language of Islam, is the official language.

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