Copywriting & Content Marketing

Web content writing

People read differently online than they do with print materials. They scan for information, aiming to complete specific tasks. When creating your content strategy for your website or e-commerce, you need to make sure you are helping users get what they need: otherwise, they will leave.

Working with words on a daily basis, we know that it all starts with engaging words. We are all about finding the right words for a particular moment, context and medium. Our mantra is: content is king, but context is queen.

We write content in in over 100 languages thanks to our network of 5000+ qualified linguists from diverse backgrounds, that we carefully select based on your project’s needs. We always keep your business model and marketing strategy in mind, and we align the content to your brand tone of voice.

What do Langpros copywriters write? 

Who do we write for?

  • Advertising and PR agencies
  • Marketing and Branding agencies
  • Publishers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Broadcasters
  • and more

If you need to localize your content in a different language, we also offer localization and transcreation services.