Consecutive Interpreting

In Consecutive interpreting, the interpreter conveys the message either after every sentence, or at the end of the speech.

In any case, the fragments translated in consecutive interpreting have to be shorter than 10 minutes, as studies have proven that people feel uncomfortable when listening to a foreign language for too long. A skilled interpreter uses a very efficient and complex method of note taking in order to remember every bit of information. Consecutive interpretation does not require any specialized equipment, and gives more time to convey the message fluently and accurately. Of course, the quality level of the interpretation will be higher if the interpreter knows in advance the topic of the speech.

consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpretation is the preferred mode for small meetings and events, such as:

  • Press conferences
  • Interviews
  • Presentations
  • Teleconferences
  • Business meetings
  • One-on-one exchanges

Langpros has provided  consecutive interpretation during the Time magazine interview with Petr Khodykin, Russia’s largest grain exporter, and during Netflix’s Sacred Games launch conference.

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