Simultaneous Interpreters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Simultaneous interpreters orally convey the message spoken in the source language with a few seconds of delay, in other words the interpreters speak in the target language while the speaker is talking in the original language. Simultaneous interpreters are located in sound-proof booths, which enable them to see and hear, via earphones, the speaker. They use a microphone to relay the simultaneous interpretation to the audience via infrared earphones, almost in real time.


translator and interpreter in Dubai


This interpreting mode is ideal for conferences, workshops or any event when the audience require immediate translation of the source language. Read more on interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Beside having some of the best professional simultaneous interpreters in this region we are also able to provide the translation equipment that is necessary for any event, conference, workshop or situation where simultaneous interpreting is required. Our preferred brand of equipment is BOSCH. We can provide:

  • Infrared receivers
  • Radiators
  • Sound-proof booths
  • Control Units
  • Site technicians
  • Microphones
  • Speakers.

Simultaneous interpreter in Dubai

Why interpreters must work in pairs

Studies show that simultaneous interpreting is a cognitive task which is extremely heavy for the human brain, which is not naturally designed to speak and listen at the same time. For this reason simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs (or in teams of three) taking turns of approximately 20-30 minutes each.

This work standard is accepted by professional bodies and associations worldwide for most work scenarios and situations where simultaneous interpreting is required. Beware of any company that offers a single interpreter working alone in a booth for the entire work day.

This will certainly jeopardize accurate and faithful communication of the source speech as it is scientifically proven that after 20 – 30 minutes the quality and accuracy of the translation inevitably decreases.
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