Liaison Interpreting

liason interpreter in dubai

When it is necessary to relay what is being spoken to one person, between two individuals or perhaps among many individuals, liaison interpreting is the preferred solution.

Liaison interpreting is seen as the most informal type of interpretation, used to create a solid communication between two parties speaking a different language. The interpreter may relay the message after a short speech or simply a statement has been completed and sit next to the person giving the speech.

This type of interpreting is very similar to consecutive interpreting, to the extent that it doesn’t involve notes and it is a two-way process.

For liaison interpreting there is no specialized equipment needed, just the expertise of the interpreter to get a message from one person to another. As the speaker gives a short speech to the group or the interlocutor, the interpreter can take in what is being said and convey the message quickly and accurately to the rest of the group or to the other interlocutor, so there is no need to use notes or have regular breaks to conduct further interpretation.

Liaison interpreting is usually required for small business meetings and negotiations, visits of foreign delegations to industrial sites, informal visits or trade fairs.

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