Translator Dubai

Certified translators

We have teams of translators who work in over 100 major languages and specialise in a wide range of sectors such as legal, financial, marketing & advertising, engineering, media, food and beverage, IT and many more.
For each translation project we will liaise closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure we understand precisely what is required and we will deliver the finished document on time and on budget. However large or small your project we are sure to have a solution that meets your particular needs.
We are aware that each translation project is unique and for this reason we offer three translation options to chose from according to your particular requirement and budget: Economy, Standard and Premium.
Please watch this video to find out more about the different options available.

1 – Economy – Post-Editing (Machine Translation plus Professional Revision)

This is our fastest and most inexpensive service; it involves having one of our professional translators revise a standard machine translation. In the industry it is called Post-Editing. This option is the ideal compromise between professional and automatic translation, making it perfect for internal use documents or where a large volume of written material requires translating quickly.
IMPORTANT: Most competitors will sell Post-Editing claiming it is human translation. We do prefer to educate our clients so that they can make an informed decision.

2 – Standard – Professional Translation

This is our most popular option and involves two professional translators. The first translates the original text, while the second makes any revisions that may be required. The entire process is monitored by a project manager. This option will give you and excellent piece of work which can be used in most scenarios at an extremely competitive rate. The majority of our clients choose this option.

3 – Premium – High Quality

The premium service is designed to provide the ultimate solution in accuracy, optimisation, localisation and quality control. A project manager coordinates the project, which is carried out by two of our professional translators. They work as a team to ensure you receive the highest standard translation possible. The translated text will flow naturally and will be localised to suit the target audience. It will be virtually impossible for readers to recognise that this was not its original language. We recommend this option for advertising and marketing material, presentations, press releases, websites and similar material.
We constantly review our systems and upgrade our translation tools to ensure we remain competitive and are able to provide a world-class service to our customers. We make extensive use of computer assisted translation programs such as online dictionaries, terminology databases, customised machine translation, online dictionaries and Translation Memories.

More than just translations

We also provide a number of additional services including:

  • Desktop publishing (creation of documents using page layout skills and software)
  • Multilingual transcription (audio and video)
  • SEO (key-words etc)

Being based in the UAE a high proportion of our work involves translating material from Arabic to English and English to Arabic. However, our team of specialists include many who work regularly on translating documents from and to BengaliChineseFarsiFrenchGermanHindiItalianJapaneseMalayMalayalamPashtoRussianSpanishTagalogTamilUrduUzbek.. and many more!
For further information on any of our services or to request a free quotation please contact us today.