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We offer English to Tagalog, Arabic to Tagalog translation services for all sectors and all types of document. Our team of experienced and highly qualified Tagalog translators and interpreters will help our clients to convey their message successfully to the Tagalog speaking audience.

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The Tagalog Language

Along with English, Filipino, which is the standardised form of Tagalog, is one of the two officially recognised languages of the Philippines. Unfortunately, very little is known about the history of the language except that the name Tagalog is derived from two words, (tagá, meaning ‘native of’ and ílog, meaning ‘river’), which together form the phrase ‘river dweller.’

The most distinctive of the various Tagalog accents is undoubtedly Batangas Tagalog. This becomes especially apparent when it is compared with speakers from the more northerly regions, who tend to use a more Hispanised version of the language. The Batangas Tagalog itself has two variations, with people living in the western part of the province having a milder accent than those in the east.