French Interpreters

Thanks to our international network of French linguists, we can provide tailored solutions for your conferences, meetings, workshops etc. We have professional French Interpreters and language mediators who can assist you while dealing with your partners from a French speaking country, being France, Canada, Switzerland or Belgium or any African countries such as Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, Tunisia etc.

Professional French Interpreters

French interpreting, or oral translation, can be extremely challenging for many reasons and it must be performed only by experienced and qualified interpreters. It is always advisable to opt for a professional interpreter or language mediator, whose qualifications and experience will guarantee the success of your event.
The Language Professionals can offer professional certified interpreters for simultaneous interpreting as well as language mediators for B2B meetings and exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the entire GCC region.
Our French interpreters can handle all types of communicative situations, from the diplomatic/political event to a business negotiation.
Although we have a large network of local French interpreters in this region, for top level conferences or events involving technical terminology and sectorial knowledge (medical interpreting, legal interpreting, financial interpreting) we can also use professional interpreters and translators from France or other European countries, where it is possible to find professionals specializing in a specific technical fields (Medicine, Law, Finance etc). This allows to provide top quality translation and interpreting services even for the most technical and difficult subject without any risk of misunderstanding.
For French Simultaneous interpreting we can also provide the complete professional conference interpreting system (BOSCH equipment, which includes receivers, booth, headsets etc.) or the tour guide system (transmitter + receivers and headsets) for smaller events and meetings.
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