Legalization of documents for use in Germany, Switzerland or Austria

Documents issued in the United Arab Emirates which are intended for use in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, must be submitted to the relevant Consulate or Embassy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi after being attested at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Legalization of documents in German Language for use in the UAE

Documents issued by German, Swiss or Austrian authorities which will be used in other countries should be legalized in their country of origin.
The attestation process is as follows:

  1. Legalization at the local authority which is relevant to the institution that issued the document;
  2. Attestation at the UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate in Germany, Switzerland or Austria
  3. Legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
  4. Translation by one of our legal translators (certified by the Ministry of Justice or by the relevant national Consulate)

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