Iraq -Mesopotamian Arabic


The most widely spoken language in Iraq is Mesopotamian Arabic; followed by Kurdish

Mesopotamian Arabic is also known as Iraqui Arabic and has been affected by the influence of Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, and Greek. It has two major varieties, known as Qeltu Mesopotamian Arabic and Gelet Mesopotamian Arabic which are also spoken in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and across the border in Turkey. 

Kurdish is split into Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji), Central Kurdish (Sorani), and Southern Kurdish (Xwarîn). Sorani is one of the official languages of Iraq and is usually referred to as “Kurdish”. It is spoken by about 5 million Kurds in Iraq. Sorani is written with a modified Perso-Arabic script, as well as Mesopotamian Arabic, whereas the other main Kurdish language, Kurmanji (Kurmancî), which is mainly spoken in Turkey, is usually written in the Latin alphabet.